Our Team

Creating value from real estate opportunities requires a unique blend of many different talents and skills. Because each property is different, Paragon Properties, Ltd. assembles a seasoned team of experts tailored to each new venture. These experts come from both inside and outside the company, and include established partners such as architects, artisans, lenders, title companies, project managers, lawyers and property management companies.

Led by our CEO, Doug Dragoo, Paragon is able to pull together a team of experienced professionals at a moment’s notice, hand-picking the best of the best relative to each real estate project. Our flexible-team formula, combined with our internal staff and long-term relationships in the industry, has proven to be a powerful process for generating value for our investors.

Our team can:

  • Evaluate projects according to strict criteria
  • Perform extensive project due diligence
  • Generate “deal flow” through banking, mortgage and broker channels
  • Arrange project financing of equity, debt and construction loans
  • Handle architectural design, construction engineering and project management
  • Provide infrastructure and structural construction services
  • Initiate legal services including contract generation, zoning and city/state and environmental problems
  • Market acquired properties through real estate brokers and leasing directly to corporate tenants
  • Provide building and project management for properties
  • Manage investor relations and client services